About me


Elina Briede- I am designer and crafter of the brand. When I discovered the world of jewelry making, I was supprised that it was only then – after graduating in architecture and several years working as an architect. When I understood that jewelry is a perfect way to express my notion of design and aesthetics, I decided to attend metalsmith classes to be able to make every piece myself. The process of taking idea to an actual piece of jewelry was fascinating. 

Each piece I design, make, experiment and adjust until I get to the perfect wearable unique piece of jewelry.

Elina Briede Jewelry is a brand that seeks to create jewelry inspired by architectural aesthetics resulting in unique sculptural pieces.

In my production process I use traditional techniques as well as modern jewelry production options always choosing the best way to express my ideas. My work is inspired by architectural and sculptural aesthetics seeking to create unique yet comfortable pieces to wear.